Have you heard the news?

The next generation of Business Letter Punch is here!

What is new in the online edition of Business Letter Punch?

Built-in Student Tracking -- Now students' drafts and finished work are automatically logged.  Teachers can track student progress and send their pupils personal comments.

Access Anywhere, Anytime -- The new Business Letter Punch online can be used at school or at home, libraries or tutoring centers, or just about anywhere. 

Platform Independent -- Windows Vista or XP, Macintosh and Linux users can now get the full benefit of Business Letter Punch!

New Writing Prompts -- There are thirteen guided writing prompts in the new Business Letter Punch focusing on writing a letter four different ways.


Why are you making changes to Business Letter Punch?
For many years we have offered two editions of Business Letter Punch. There was an online version with limited content at BusinessLetterPunch.com AND a complete Windows-based version for use on individual computers and school networks.

Based on input from our users, we decided to make a platform neutral, 100% online edition of Business Letter Punch. Now the complete version of the software will be available online for all computer platforms with management tools for any size organization.

How will this impact BusinessLetterPunch.com?
BusinessLetterPunch.com will continue to offer free online exercises to users. However, users will not be able to save their work until they upgrade to the full version of the software.

What are the system requirements for Business Letter Punch online?
Business Letter Punch works on any operating system (Win, Mac, Linux) that has one of many popular web browsers. Recommended web browsers are Firefox 2.0+, Internet Explorer 6,7, and Safari 3.

How do I order Business Letter Punch?
Individual subscriptions can be purchased online for $29/year.

Click here for Institutional Pricing.

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