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How To Use This Site

Getting Started | System Requirements | Considerations for AOL Users | Creating Your Letter
Saving and Resuming Your Letter | Publishing Your Letter | Start Now

Getting Started -- To use, users need to be able to write basic sentences.  The program guides users through each step in writing a short business letter.  Help messages are provided throughout.  Users are encouraged by seeing their work develop and progress. Completed letters may be transferred to a word processing program, HTML editor, or e-mail application.

Please note that this web site provides only one (1) writing prompt. Thirteen (13) guided writing prompts are available by using the full online edition of Business Letter Punch.

System Requirements for are a Netscape Navigator 4.0 browser or higher, or a Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 browser or newer, using a window display of 800 x 600 or larger.  In addition, your browser must be able to run JavaScript 1.2 or higher.

Note: If the above box says "Congratulations, you have passed the browser check!"  you may use on your computer.

This web site's interactivity is based on the use of JavaScript.  When users first begin writing using, a security alert box may appear on their browser.  This can occur the first time a browser comes into contact with any JavaScript.  If this occurs on your browser, we suggest that you select the check box option that asks the browser NOT to show you this message when working with a file of this type.

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Considerations for AOL Users -- AOL users must consider that they might not have either one of these browsers installed on their system. AOL users may get error messages if they try to use this site within the default AOL browser.  The best solution is to minimize AOL and use a free browser, such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer, to access this site.

To do this, download and install a free browser from either Netscape or Microsoft.  Then logon on to AOL.  When the AOL Main Menu appears, hit the "minimize" button and type into the Internet address window and press "enter."

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Creating Your Letter -- Users progress through the application by typing in input boxes and by clicking on buttons or typing keyboard shortcuts to select actions. At several points during the program users are shown their work in wrap style on their working web page.  This is for viewing only. Users edit their work in text boxes provided by the program.

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Saving and Resuming Your Letter -- When you use, your entries become part of the HTML page even when they are not visible to you. As a result, if you wish to exit the web site and resume work at a later time, you MUST SAVE your working web page before you leave.
Select the Save As command from the File menu of the browser to save your working page on your computer. If you get an alert message warning that the page may not display properly, you may ignore it and save anyway.

  • Use .htm or .html as the file name extension (e.g., Dec10.htm).
  • Select HTML only or HTML source from file type options. Selecting "Web Page, complete" will not save your work.

Once the page is saved, you can open your working page at a later time using the Open command in the browser and selecting the file that you had saved earlier on your computer.

To resume writing your letter, press the OK button once this page is opened in the browser. (Note: You must be connected to the Internet before you can resume writing.)

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Publishing Your Letter -- When users complete their letter, they may copy and paste their work from into a word processor, HTML editor, or e-mail application. For ideal formatting, we suggest that users copy and paste from the text box that we provide.

To start writing now, click here.

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