Business Letter Punch Writing Prompts

Business Letter Punch provides thirteen guided writing prompts. Each unit concentrates on a specific type of letter. Here are the writing prompts for each type of letter.


  • Response to a classified ad - A classified advertisement offers a job that interests you. On the next screen you will see the ad. Read it carefully and write a letter to persuade the company to interview you. (This type of letter usually accompanies a resume but doesn't replace it or provide as much detail.)
  • A letter of application - You have heard positive things about a particular company. Although you do not know of a job opening there, you would like to be considered when a suitable position becomes available. Write a letter to the human resources director expressing your interest in working for the company. (This letter would accompany a resume, which provides greater detail.)
  • Inviting former customers to return - You are a customer relations representative for Smart Shoppers, a local department store. A recent review of the store's charge accounts shows that many of them have not been active for more than a year. Write a letter to the holders of these accounts reminding them of the advantages of being a Smart Shoppers charge customer.


  • Requesting information - Your company is planning to replace some of its office chairs. Write a letter to Corporate Seating, Inc., manufacturers of office furniture, explaining your needs and requesting any information that would help your company make a choice.
  • An invitation - As part of a business course or company seminar that you are taking, write a letter to a successful person in the business community asking him/her to visit your group.
  • Requesting permission - Your company, Chandler Corp., is planning a staff softball game and picnic. Write a letter to the Community Parks Department requesting permission to hold this event at a local park.


  • Complaint to a supplier - Your company has regularly purchased storage boxes for its computer software products from one supplier. Recently orders have not been filled promptly, and deliveries have arrived with an unusual number of broken boxes. Your company is very concerned about this situation. Write a letter to the supplier presenting your company's complaints.
  • Complaint from an advertiser - Your company recently placed an advertisement in a local paper. The ad included a color photograph of the company's best-selling and most colorful product. The photo was reproduced very poorly. A phone call to the paper has not brought any satisfaction. Write a letter to the advertising manager of the newspaper presenting your company's complaints.
  • Supplier’s response to a complaint - Assume you are the delivery manager of the company that supplies storage boxes for computer software products. You have received a letter from a regular customer complaining that orders have been late and deliveries have arrived with broken storage boxes. Write a letter in response. The program will provide the explanation(s) you need for your letter.
  • Response to an advertiser’s letter of complaint - Supplier’s response to a complaint - Assume you are the advertising manager of a local newspaper. You have received a letter from a new advertiser complaining about the poor quality of a photograph in her company's recent ad. The photo showed their best-selling and most colorful product. The customer further complained that a phone call she made to the paper had brought no satisfaction. Write a letter in response. The program will provide the explanation(s) you need for your letter.


  • Congratulations - A co-worker has been promoted to assistant credit manager. Although you were hoping to get this position, write a letter congratulating her/him on the promotion.
  • Appreciation - Your manager, Mrs. Gray, has recommended you for a small, select training program. Write a letter to Mrs. Gray expressing your appreciation for this opportunity.
  • Praise - You recently helped a co-worker who was assigned to organize your department's monthly report for the first time. You provided copies of previous reports, explained how to find the necessary data, and offered encouragement. Now write a letter complimenting your co-worker on an excellent job.

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